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About Us

Established in 2015

DIALMYTRIP TECH PRIVATE LIMITED was incorporated in India in year 2015 with present offices in Delhi-NCR region. DMT is a medium size of Fintech company with diversified business interest in areas like Financial Inclusion, Travel, Technology, Telecom, Insurance etc.

DMT initiated its journey offering a range of best value products powered by technology and the best-in-class customer support to empower the Network with instant transactions and comprehensive choices. The company rise has been led by the vision and the spirit of each one of its employees, for whom no idea is too big and no problem is too difficult. With untiring determination, DMT has stayed ahead of the curve by continually evolving its technology to meet the ever-changing demands of the rapidly developing Industry, steadily establishing itself as India’s growing Fintech Company.

The company has presence through its physical representatives in the following states who represent our company and are generating the business for the company. The States are Delhi & NCR, Punjab, Haryana, MP, UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Gujrat, West Bengal, Assam, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, J&K, Chhattisgarh and we are planning to expand in South India.


We value our Business relations.

DMT is an organization where people are nurtured through continuous learning and skill improvement, are respected, heard and encouraged to do their best. We believe that a company is made by its employees. We value our relationship with our Suppliers and trade partner. People are nurtured here with gradual learning and developing their skills. We provide individuals opportunity to showcase their talent and grow. Employee satisfaction is highly considered in DIALMYTRIP.

DMT actively work to provide an elaborate and accessible ecosystem to have a wide representation across India. We help our partners in the marketplace, gaining them exposure, growing networks and ultimately increasing their revenue. We strive to give our partners a professional and personalized service that truly understands their needs and expectations, whether it is about establishing new commercial relationships and coordinate sales and marketing activities with the trade at large.

Our Business Model

We are working hard towards automation where every products or services are being transacted in auto mode with the help of technology. Since the Company is in B2B module, it is very selective towards selecting the Platforms or modules before entering into competitive era. DMT has the following platform to make available the Products & Services to the Market.

Retail Model A Retail business model of DMT has been developed in a way which evolves with changes in the business environment, and the value proposition continues to be aligned with the needs of consumers. The retailer should also leverage opportunities that the operating model provides to create differentiating features in its value proposition. The associated retailors can fulfil all the customer’s requirements by using DMT platform.
Distribution ModelDMT has adopted the Conventional distribution model for our distributors where you can make more out of the distribution business. We ask you to onboard your existing and new network to us and earn more than 24% per month on the money invested. No physical stocks and expenditure in-store space, staff or physical transfer of goods are required. Every time a retailer in your network does a transaction and both Distributor and Retailer makes money.
Franchise ModelDMT Group has built its 5+ years success around its Franchisees – independent business owners with a common vision and mission India’s leading B2B aggregator for Travel, Financial inclusion, Telecom & Insurance. Much of this success has come from our franchise business model. Follow the path of more than 95% of our franchise owners and learn to run and operate a store or supervise multiple stores, before investing in your own stores.
White-Label ModelDMT offers B2B white label portal that allows you to connect with other associates from your network and allow them to make transaction of Travel, Banking, Insurance, Utility and many more services to their customers simply and quickly. They can also manage all their day to day financial transactions online and run numerous reports to aid the smooth running of their business.


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